Local History Publications

Sefton Library Service publishes and sell local interest books and other items. These can be purchased directly from our library web-page at: https://forms.sefton.gov.uk/LibraryPublications/

Available titles are:

Ainsdale Explored
Town Trail Historical Walks series - A walking route on cards, with a map, historical information and photos - all in a protective plastic wallet
ISBN: 1-874516-14-6
Price: £1.50 + £0.80 p&p

Birkdale in Camera
early photographs of a Southport suburb by Mark J. Sargant and Matthew Tinker.
ISBN: 978-1-874516-18-7
Price: £4.50 + £1.60 p&p

Bootle Milestones
by Roy Redman & Colin Sands. 38 photos. A chronology of Bootle, concentrating on the years 1800-1974. Includes appendix of mayors, churches & clergy, schools & headteachers, May Queens etc.
ISBN: 1-874516-15-4
Price: £6.00 + £1.90 p&p

Bootle Signposts: a history and directory of Bootle Streets
by Roy Redman & Colin Sands. 34 Photographs
ISBN: 1-874516-12-X
Price: £5.00 + £1.90 p&p

Churchtown in Camera
early photographs including Marshside & Crossens
ISBN: 1-874516-06-5
Price: £4.50 + £1.60 p&p

Crosby in Camera
early photographs of Great Crosby & Waterloo
ISBN: 1-874516-07-3
Price: £4.50 + £1.60 p&p

Formby Reminiscences
by Catherine Jacson. This edition includes a selection of Catherine's drawings from her book "The Formbys of Formby" (1910). Photographs and line drawings
ISBN: 1-874516-04-9
Price: £10.95 + £1.90 p&p

Milestones in Maghull and Lydiate History
compiled & illustrated by Lesley Davies. Line drawings and map
ISBN: 1-874516-08-1
Price: £3.00 + £1.20 p&p

My Hightown 1897 - 1969
being personal reminiscences by Joe Bulman; 3rd edition by Andrew Lee-Hart & Matthew Tinker. Photographs, paintings & maps
ISBN: 1-874516-10-3
Price: £5.00 + £1.90 p&p

Seaforth in Camera
early photographs of the district once known as Litherland Marsh
ISBN: 1-874516-05-7
Price: £4.50 + £1.60 p&p

The Birth of Waterloo
by J.R. Lewis; 3rd revised edition by Andrew Farthing. Photographs and maps
ISBN: 1-874516-03-0
Price: £5.00 + £1.90 p&p

The Great Lifeboat Disaster of 1886
by J. Allen Miller; new edition by Andrew Farthing. Photographs, paintings and map.
ISBN: 1-874516-09-X
Price: £5.85 + £1.90 p&p

The Strange Story of the Bootle Corporation Fraudulent Bonds
by F.W. Lacey. Photos & other illustrations
ISBN: 1-874516-02-2
Price: £1.50 + £1.20 p&p